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The following privacy policy details the actions we take regarding the collection and storage of information. At, we respect your privacy, and carefully manage what we collect, how we store it, and how we use it. We hope this privacy policy subdues any concern you may have and imparts confidence in business you conduct with us.

Due to the nature of this site, we must collect a variety of information. Some information, such as analytic data, is collected automatically. Other information, such as email addresses and contact information, is collected from you. When we collect information from you, we use it to perform the operation for which you sent it to us. For example, if you sign up for emails, our site will send you emails; we will not give your email address to a third-party mailing list service. We neither host ads on our site nor sponsor ads on other sites, and do not share any information with advertisers.

We work to maintain a secure system so that your information is protected against attacks. Important to our site's security is the implementation of TLS, which stands for Transport Layer Security, also known as SSL. On this site, a lock will appear in your address bar any time you are prompted to share information. The lock provides reassurance from your browser that our TLS certificate is valid and your information will be securely delivered to our site. For more, see Security.

Cookies are often a necessity of modern websites, but some companies use them for intrusive tasks. Public areas of Our site do not use cookies at this time. When we add features to the site which require cookies, we will update this policy. For more, see Cookies.

If you have questions or requests regarding the policy, or would like to take some action regarding privacy, we would love to hear from you! See User Choices.



Privacy policies disclose to the users of a service how it will respect their privacy. For websites, privacy policies answer questions like:

Studious users want to form conclusions to these questions and need specific information that allows them to do so. We assert that this policy provides such information.

Terms and Consent

In this document, the pronoun "We" refers to Alternator Starter Exchange, LLC. The word "Site" signifies the services available through this website.

This privacy policy details the actions that We take regarding personal information collected through the Site.

By using the Site, you agree to the practices detailed in this policy.

Data Collected

We collect a variety of information through the Site:




Methods of Data Collection

The methods We use to collect data vary depending on the data:


Analytic information is collected automatically by the Site through logs and similar accessories.


We collect email addresses using:

We do not collect email addresses without the user's direct consent. Users of the Site voluntarily and directly provide their email addresses.


We collect contact information using:

We do not collect contact information without the user's direct consent. Users of the Site voluntarily and directly provide their contact information.

Uses and Disclosure of Collected Data

The uses of data We collect vary depending on the data:


We use analytic data for many reasons, including:

We disclose analytic data only if We should be required to by law.


We use email addresses for email marketing. If the user has an account or has placed an order, the email address is used for communication with the user.

Emails are sent to users' addresses by our Site. We do not outsource email marketing or customer correspondence and do not disclose email addresses to third-party mailing list services.

We disclose the user's address under two circumstances:


We use contact information to reply to inquiries made using our contact form.

We disclose the user's contact information under two circumstances:


In the event that Alternator Starter Exchange, LLC. is purchased by another entity, in part or whole, data collected and retained through the Site may be transferred to the successor. We also retain the right to deny the successor such data.


We propose that good security is a combination of restrained data retention and rigorous system security.

Data Retention

If the Site does not store a certain piece of valuable information, it is much harder for an attacker to obtain or exploit it. Therefore, We minimize the amount of data We retain.

Users of the Site can further reduce data retention (thereby increasing security) by choosing not to provide optional information to the Site. See User Choices below.

System Security

Data that is exchanged or retained must be secured. We deploy reasonable security practices on the Site. It would be inappropriate and insecure to disclose all measures We utilize, but We can qualify our commitment to security with a non-exclusive and general list of security measures used on the Site:


Absolute security of web applications is impossible to achieve. If a web application claims that it is totally secure, it is deceiving its users. What would happen if an attacker found and exploited a security hole that the developers had missed? While We take every reasonable step to protect users' information, We disclaim the security of the Site and encourage users to understand the risks of using and providing personal identifiable information to web applications.


A cookie is a small piece of information, usually an unreadable sequence of letters and numbers, sent by a web application to a user's browser for storage. The web application can then read and/or decipher the contents of the cookie at a later time.

We currently send, but do not use, cookies in public parts of the Site. In future versions of the Site, cookies may be used to power new features. In such a case, we will update our policy.

Users may prevent their browsers from accepting cookies from the Site. Currently, disabling cookies has no effect. However, in the future, users that do so will not be able to use cookie-enabled content.

User Choices

Concerned users may take action in several ways to protect their privacy.

Declination to Submit Data

As discussed in Security, non-existent data is invulnerable to attack. Therefore, users may increase security and privacy by declining to submit data to the Site. Some data We collect is optional and will only impact convenience if not provided. For example, users are not required to subscribe to emails.

Other data We collect is necessary to the functioning of the Site and is required in order to use the Site's services. Users are not required to provide this information, although such users will also not be able to use the associated features of the Site. Note that users have no control over analytic data We collect.


Users that have subscribed to marketing email communications may unsubscribe at any time. There are two ways to do so:

Unsubscription only applies to marketing emails.

Questions and Requests

If you have questions or suggestions regarding the Site's Privacy Policy or your privacy, you can:

Policy Revisions

Periodically, We may choose to revise the Privacy Policy outlined in this document. In such an event, the new Privacy Policy will be placed on the Site in lieu of this document. If users have provided email addresses to the Site, We may choose to notify them of the changes via email. All other users can find the updated policy on the Site. Predictably, you agree to the new policy if you use the site after a policy update.

Last Updated: 10/05/2017